About Factorem Ferox

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am the creator behind Factorem Ferox Design Studio. I have been creating for as long as I can remember and I began my journey of running my own business in 2016 when I launched v Carrot Designs, LLC. However, in 2023, I knew it was time for an update and Factorem Ferox was born. Factorem Ferox is Latin for "a fierce maker".
A different name, but still the same unique designs with an emphasis on the belief of being the strange you want to see in the world.
What started as a simple vinyl-based business creating gifts has now flourished into something I never could have dreamed of. I have found my true passion for creating in providing custom and unique hand-drawn designs for a wide range of products.

I am a wife, mom, stepmom, big sister, and aunt. My husband and I have a fiery little girl, two Dutch Shepherds, three cats and two chickens. I am a diehard Chicago Cubs fan (Fly the W!) and believe every year is OUR YEAR. I will never forget crying as I watched the Cubs win the World Series. I would consider myself an elder emo. My favorite music genre is definitely metal/metalcore. Give me a good drum or guitar breakdown and you immediately have my heart. My favorite color is black. I love listening to true crime podcasts and I enjoy watching criminal trials that are streamed online (spending 6 1/2 years as a 911 dispatcher planted that seed of interest). I drink my coffee black with a little sweetener. I could live off of sushi. My sense of humor is morbid, nerdy and inappropriate at times - ok most of the time. I decorate my home with skulls the way people decorate with Rae Dunn -- however, I do love the matte black RD mugs the most.
I have realized I don't quite fit into one mold, so hold onto your butts and I hope you enjoy where the inspiration takes me!